Workshop Calendar 2021

Social Distancing

All our courses and most of our healing work are up close and personal. We are pleased to start up our meditation groups and workshops again

Meditation Group – Free

We have a weekly Zoom Meditation group every Tuesday evening from 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.  The group is for all ages and levels of experience.  Meditation releases stress, helps us identify and change limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking. I helps connect us to that spiritual part of us that observes our life and can give guidance. This group is  great way to connect with our inner sense of peace and a sense of community. We use guided visualisations and journeys.

Topic: Meditation
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Meditation Group – Live – £5

We have now started again our meditation group on Thursdays 8.00pm to 9.00pm

This is for beginers and experienced meditators alike. We always start with a relaxing, grounding, visualisation and finish with a 20 -25 minute silent meditation. In between we can share some information on meditation or any other subject that is of interest to the group. We meet at our home Lymons Bank, Gedges Hill, Mstfield, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 7EA. Please text 07813818269 to let us know you are coming

Balancing our Energy – 20th Nov 2021 – 10am to 16.00 pm £40

Throughout the day we give our energy away to people we meet, events that happen, places we visit, memories from the past and concerns about the future. This can leave us feeling depleted and ungrounded.

In this workshop you will learn about and experience how your beliefs, stories, memories and habitual thinking are stored as energy in your aura and chakras to form an internal reference library. It is the interaction between this library and the outside world that gives our energy away.

You will learn how to call back your energy and how to ground yourself to feel more powerfully in your body. You will learn how to protect your energy. You will learn about and experience visualisations to manage your overthinking and access your intuition. This results in a balanced, peaceful mind.

You will also learn about and experience how to track down and release the stuck energy around one of your issues, by working with your chakras. Throughout the day you will experience a connection with the Earth and how to access Cosmic Energy and Healing Energy.

None of this is hard work or difficult to understand. Energy work is in the moment, peaceful and uplifting. You just need to be open and curious.

We will give you some handouts and provide hot drinks and biscuits. You need to bring a notebook and pen and your lunch.

Angels and Oracles – 4th Dec – 2pm to 5pm – £30

Come and spend  a relaxing  afternoon connecting with the Angelic Realms and seeking answers to some of your life questions and practicing how to help others to do the same.

You can strengthen your intuitive abilities,  connect with higher realms as well as by selecting to take home one of my sets of Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

A Walk in Nature – £30 – coming soon

David will take you on a walk through the nature around our home to reconnect you and your senses to nature. You will learn the sophisticated language that all of nature listens to. You will feel yourself relax and you will release the strains of modern living. Bring walking shoes, waterproofs and some lunch.

Four Directions Healing  – £125 per weekend – Spring 2022

These four weekends are a journey of personal healing and learning the philosophy and healing techniques of the Inca Shaman. We go around the medicine wheel to become the medicine for our own lives and to learn how to support other peoples healing journeys.

This group needs a minimum of 6 participants committed to all 4 workshops.  Maximum is 12.

The South – Releasing Beliefs and Stories – The illumination Process

The West – Releasing our Suffering – Extractions

The North – Stepping into our own Wisdom – Soul Retrieval

The East – Stepping into our Full Potential – The Release Spiral

Munay Ki Rites – £60 per day – Spring 2022

10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. each day

Receive the rites of passage from the Inca in their modern form to move into proper relationship with the Earth and its inhabitants.  A journey of healing and of building a sense of community.  Receiving and learning how to transmit the rites of healing and transformation.  

Day 1 –  Creating the basis for transformation – 4 Foundation Rites – Healers, Seers, Harmony and Bands of Power.

Day 2  – Connecting with the caretakers, the storytellers and the spiritual – 3 rites – Daykeeper, Wisdomkeeper, Earth Keeper

Day 3 – Connecting with our Future Self and Creation – 2 rites – Starkeeper, Creator