Law of Attraction

law of attractionThe Law of Attraction is really quite straightforward, but it is not a law and it is not about attraction.  It is simply the way to get the best out of the interplay of our senses and our unconscious mind.

There are about 400 billion bits of data hitting our senses every second.  No wonder babies sleep so much! Over time we manage this flow by gating our senses, like a lock on a canal.  We also create habits, so that our neocortex doesn’t get over whelmed by decision making and problem solving.  As a result, as adults, we are paying attention, consciously and unconsciously, to roughly 2000 bits of data a second and our response to this data is habitual.  We look at the world through our own unique rose-tinted or shit-tinted glasses which affect what we perceive, how we feel and think and how we behave.

We have a confirmation bias.  We want the outside world to fit our existing framework of beliefs and thinking.  If what we see results in our feeling frustrated, we will notice more things to frustrate us.  If we feel happy we will notice more things that make us happy.  Simple, isn’t it.

We live in a world of boundless potential. Everything that we personally want to live happy, abundant, fulfilling lives is freely available to us. Deep inside us we have already defined what we want through the contrast with what we don’t want.

To tap into this boundless potential we simply need to raise the level of our thinking and feeling to happy, satisfied, grateful etc., to be in the right state of mind to spot the inspired idea, notice the opportunity, form great relationships, solve problems and make the right decisions.

How do we do that?  We find a vision of our future that excites us, create a vision board and put it somewhere where we can see it regularly and daydream about it.  This motivates us and gives us direction.  Through this, our unconscious mind tunes our senses to pay attention to the data that will lead us to fulfil our dream.   By creating a good affirmation containing short term goals we set an intention for action. By keeping our thinking positive and by releasing our limiting beliefs, we stop pinching off our access to what we want.

We may be happy and find fulfilment and flow in some areas of our lives yet there will always be the desire for something more to challenge us and expand our consciousness. It is great to have fun with the ideas of manifesting a joyful life, to let go of complaining or criticising others, or yourself, and to gradually raise your ambition and use the Law of Attraction to create a life that you love.

We can show you how.