A Spiritual Journey 11 – The South – Illumination!

We had read Alberto Villoldo’s book Shaman, Healer, Sage and booked into The Four Winds Society first European course and so, in Autumn 2002 Susan and two friends and I took the Chunnel to Calais and drove to Nijmegen in Holland.  We knew we needed three stones each, so we stopped off at the market where I found a small piece of rough copper.

The weeklong workshop was being held on a university campus and we were using the student accommodation and eating in the student restaurant.  There were 100 participants from all over Europe, a majority of them NLP masters.  I think this was because the American trainers were all from an NLP background, with the exception of Alberto, and word had got around.  The people I asked said they had come for something else to add to their practice.

On the first day we all gathered in the large hall between the bedroom block and the restaurant.  There was a lot of bustle and noise.  This hall was where we worked all week.  Our course was led by Linda Fitch and a few helpers, with Alberto telling stories and carrying out demonstrations.  Alberto explained the model of healing.  I should say at this point that a model is only useful if it works.  I have all the experiences I need to convince me that it works, and Susan and I have given the same experiences to others.  I expect you to be sceptical because I was until I experienced it.

Simply put, we have a physical body and we have a light body.  From modern science I now know that each of us has a unique electromagnetic field created by the electrical signals as our trillions of cells interact. It is the same for all animals, plants and rocks.  The connection and ‘communication’ between all these electromagnetic fields is what Tom Brown Jr would describe as the Force.  Modern science tells us that we are pick up signals from the energy around us and that we have a ‘gut brain’, so gut feeling, and that the heart plays the part of a communication centre.

When we are in the process of being born our ‘light body’ forms an ovoid shape around the physical body and is connected to it via the 7 chakras.  Eighteen years on, the theory I have is that the light body comes containing information from previous life experiences and weaves itself into the unique field created by our cells.  Our physical and light bodies work together like a computer and software.  There is a constant energy exchange between the two bodies.  The light body can also collect positive and negative energy from the Force, e.g. if people have strong positive or negative feelings towards you these feelings can gather as energy in your light body.  

Now, I think that our beliefs and our stories and our habitual thinking and acting are held outside of the brain in the light body, in the form of energy.  This energy from the light body drives wellness in body and mind but can also drive physical illness and mental illness.  The energy of wellness and illness can build up and be reduced. 

As an example on how build-up of energy works, I had a client who was a massage therapist.  She kept joining new healing centres and then having leave after a few months.  We worked out the pattern.  While she was been shown around for the first time in a new centre, she would be very happy with the new arrangements apart from one little thing; the room was too hot, the costs were a bit more than expected, the booking service was a bit haphazard but she would never say anything because everything else was good.

At first the new centre worked for her but that ‘little thing’ attracted more and more things that she wasn’t completely happy with.  As her feeling towards the centre changed her body language and behaviour changed and this would be picked up by the centre manager.  It would start to change the feeling of the manager towards my client and that feeling would find more things wrong.  After a few months the energy in both of them would build until the dams would break.  There would a huge argument between them and my client would have to leave.  After our session my client decided that she would mention the thing she didn’t like straight away from then on.

To heal someone in the light body we need to track the negative or heavy energy and release it, so that the physical body can heal itself.  So, the energy of the light body sounded like “The Force” from Tom Brown’s teaching and tracking was familiar so I couldn’t wait to get started.  We paired up and started some sensing exercises so that we became used to how energy feels.  Susan and I had both trained in Reiki, so we were familiar with the ‘Reiki hands’ feeling. 

If you want to try the sensing exercise, get a partner and ask them to hold one hand out with the palm vertical.  Put your palms either side of their hand about six inches away and slowly bring them in until you feel something.  Some people feel resistance, some a tingle, some warmth.  Then swop over.  To take it further, hold both palms out in front of you facing each other with their palms 2 to 3 inches away.  One of you transmits and one of you receives. The transmitter sends the thought of a colour and the receiver notices what that colour feels like in their body.  Start with red and blue.  Tell your partner which colour you are sending.  Once you have sent both colours, send one without telling your partner to see if they can tell which it is.  Swop other. Everyone is different.  For me red was hot and blue was cold.  I felt green at the back of my neck and white in my crown chakra.

We were also taught about two additional chakras, along with the seven we were familiar with.  The eighth chakra sits above our head about the size of a basketball.  We spent time sensing it.  This ‘Viracocha’ is the vehicle to bring the energy of the light body from spirit.  It opens up like an egg and the light body unfolds and forms around our physical body and is connected to the physical body at the chakras.  The ninth chakra is in the spirit world.  We can draw energy and inspiration from it.

Healing is always carried out in ‘Sacred Space’ and we were taught how to create that by calling in the four directions, Mother Earth and Great Spirit.  We always use this form of ‘opening proper relationship with’ for any ceremony or ritual we perform.  When we heal, we also open up a safe healing space by reaching into our Viracocha and pulling its energy around our client and ourselves.  This acts as a protection.  It increases our sensitivity and connection with our client and it also provides a safe space for any invisible helpers to work.

Over the week we learned and practiced the basis of Inca healing, the Illumination Process.  The week was full on with a short break for lunch and a 90-minute dinner break.  We were busy in the evenings with fire ceremonies and rites of initiation which I will describe in the next chapter.

To start the Illumination Process, we open Sacred Space and then encourage them to tell us about the presenting issue that they want to heal.  We ask them to choose one of our stones. We ask the client to connect with the energy of their issue and blow it into the stone.  We then open the personal healing space over ourselves and the client.  We track the chakra/s that the energy in the stone is affecting by holding the stone in our hand, whilst dowsing or using kinesiology to sense weakness in the chakras.  We were shown how to use kinesiology on the course.  Having identified the chakra/s we work at the lowest one affected. The energy of a chakra forms a cone with the point on the spine and the wide end outside of the body.  A healthy chakra spins clockwise.  To open the chakra, we use a rattle or our hand to spin its energy anticlockwise and then wevplace the stone in the middle of the chakra, on the body. 

We move to the head of the client and hold two points on the back of the head to help them relax, and that is often all they need to do.  We sit, holding the head, and watch what is happening in the light body.  I was very sceptical about this bit but over time, a bit like Tom Brown and tracking, my sensing improved.  Often, I will see clouds of smoke in the light body as heavy energy is released.  To help the client release energy we hold two points behind the ears.  We match their breathing as this helps us sense what they are experiencing.  We may ask them about what that experience is.  We may also use their breathing to release energy.  After we feel there is no more energy to release, we remove the stone, illuminate the chakra by pulling energy from our ninth chakra and then close it by spinning it clockwise.  We then pull in the energy of the Viracocha to form it back into its basketball shape above our heads.

This is the core practice of Light Body Healing.  Every other healing practice we learned was top and tailed by the Illumination Process.  During the week we all worked on three issues which we linked to our three stones, which all became charged up by going through this process, and the sand painting I will describe in next chapter.  The stones become part of our mesa, a collection of stones which become our healing tools. We worked with lots of different partners on other issues as well.  We learn the process by being healed ourselves and by healing others.

All of this happened in the large hall, with clients lying on the floor and healers working on their knees.  Some clients released quietly.  Some released with screams and tears and strong emotions.  It was noisy but it is exactly the same with the clients you work with later.  The client can go into a deep trance while being healed, and may not be aware of everything that is happening. We were taught how to relax them if they became overly emotional.

In the next chapter I will write about the fire ceremony and sand painting and the Rites of Initiation of the South.

To be continued… The South healing tools

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